Physics 221, Elements of Physics I, Spring 2023, is an introductory physics class with online components. To become familiar with the course layout and all the course requirements, please start with these steps.

  • Read the syllabus for the class.
  • Familiarize yourself with the course schedule.
  • On Canvas, under Modules, read through the short modules under More Course Information.
  • Under Account, on Canvas, set your Canvas your notification preferences so that you receive announcements when they are published.
  • This is very important for an online course. There is no excuse for missing an important announcement.
  • On Canvas, under Syllabus, review the Spring 2023 Physics 221 Lab Syllabus.

Class structure

There are 12 modules. Each module is divided into two parts.

Carefully study the class material for the sub-module before or on the day shown on the schedule.

You have to read it. This is the material the assignments and tests refer to.

Read it slowly. It is not an extremely large amount of material. Study the solved problems. Ask yourself if you understand the concepts and how to apply them. Use the discussion forum to ask questions and help other students. Explaining something to others is the best way to learn it. (Read the corresponding chapters in the textbook to review the material. You may prefer the presentation in the textbook.)

A lab is associated with every module. Submit each lab before its due date. The lab instructors will monitor the discussion forum for lab questions.

Do not copy lab reports from cheating sites on the web. All labs have been modified from previous semesters, so that it is easy to spot a copy. If you submit a lab report with a plagiarized section, you will get zero points for the lab and may be reported for plagiarism.

Submit all assignments associated with the sub-module before their due date. Again, use the discussion forum to ask and answer questions.

After you have completed a module, review the summary slides for this module under "Modules" on Canvas. They offer some additional problems to test your understanding.

Note: I strongly recommend submitting earlier than midnight on the due date and not waiting until the last minute. You can submit all homework assignment multiple times. Submitting early allows you to ask questions and get feedback if your first answer was incorrect, and it allows you to help other students once you have arrived at the correct answer.

If you need more help, attend the office/tutoring hours of the instructors. They are offered at various time throughout the week. You can attend the office/tutoring hours of any instructor.

The online material is my contribution to the class. It covers all topics that may appear on homework assignments and tests. Example problems are worked out in the online material. The textbook presents the same material but expands on some aspects of it. It is always beneficial to go over new material more than once. Different presentations are better suited for different audiences.