Physics 616

  • Prof. Andrew W. Steiner
    (or Andrew or "Dr. Steiner")
  • Office hour: 103 South College, Thursday 11am
  • Email:
  • Homework: Electronically as .pdf
  • You may work with each other on the homework, but you must write the solution in your own words
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General Properties of Compact Objects

Constant-Density Solution

Buchdahl's solution

Upper Mass Limit for White Dwarfs

Birth of Neutron Stars

Neutron Stars

Stellar Stability in Newtonian Systems

Stability in GR systems

Exotic Matter in Neutron Stars

Wikipedia from "Pgrass"

CSS parameterization

Alford and Han (2016)

CSS parameterization II

Alford and Han (2016)

Other Phase transitions

Spinella et al. (2016)

Group Work