Physics 616

  • Prof. Andrew W. Steiner
    (or Andrew or "Dr. Steiner")
  • Office hour: 103 South College, Thursday 11am
  • Email:
  • Homework: Electronically as .pdf
  • You may work with each other on the homework, but you must write the solution in your own words
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Cosmological Principle

Hubble Expansion

Preferred Cosmological Reference Frame

Inaccessible Regions of Spacetime

Cosmological Metrics

Cosmological Metrics II

Cosmological Redshift

Expansion with the RW metric

Distance Measurements

Expansion from Supernovae

Riess et al. (1998) as in Schutz
  • Supernova distance measurements show the expansion is accelerating
  • Evidence for dark energy or a cosmological constant (still strongest evidence today)
  • Motivates careful understanding of supernovae

Connecting our Metric to Energy and Pressure

Dark Energy


Critical Density and Universe's Parameters

Supernova Cosmology Project

Amanullah et al. (2010)
  • Combined information from the CMB and BAO gives a complete picture of dark energy vs. dark matter

Group Work