Physics 616

  • Prof. Andrew W. Steiner
    (or Andrew or "Dr. Steiner")
  • Office hour: 103 South College, Thursday 11am
  • Email:
  • Homework: Electronically as .pdf
  • You may work with each other on the homework, but you must write the solution in your own words
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Equivalence Principle

Tests of the Strong Equivalence Principle

  • Hierarchical triple system: one star loosely orbiting a binary system
  • Great for testing the strong equivalence principle
  • PSR B1620-26: white-dwarf, pulsar, and a planet
  • PSR B0337+1715: a white dwarf orbiting a white dwarf-neutron star binary
  • video
Ransom et al. (2013)


Connection to Lorentz Transformations

Inverse Transformations

Polar Coordinate Basis

Norms in the curved space

Transforming Derivatives in Curved Spaces

Example: Polar coordinates

Covariant Derivatives

Covariant Derivatives of one-forms

Group Work