Bayesian analysis of neutron star masses and radii

This is an open-source OpenMP/MPI implementation of a Bayesian analysis of mass and radius data to determine the mass versus radius curve and the equation of state of dense matter. This package will principally be useful for those physicists and astrophysicists who are already familiar with C++ and are interested in modifying this code for their own use. This documentation was generated from git commit


This code was originally supported by Chandra grant TM1-12003X and is now supported by NSF grant PHY 15-54876. The code is licensed under the GPLv3 and this documentation is licensed under the GNU FDL (see Licensing).

Currently, bamr is hosted as a git repository . It is also listed at the Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL) and at the ADS . This HTML documentation is hosted here . While you are not required to do so, please consider citing the ASCL entry following the method described on this post , and the relevant references in the bibliography below.

If you are considering using this code for your research, I encourage you to contact me so that I can help you with the details and so that you can let me know if and how this code is useful to you. Nevertheless, you are not required to contact me and I will be improving documentation and updating this code as time permits.