UTK EOSs for Astrophysical SimulationsΒΆ

This C++ code constructs the equation of state of homogeneous nucleonic matter for use in simulations of core-collapse supernovae and neutron star mergers. This code was originally described in a paper on arxiv.org. The source code is available on github. The installation of Boost, GSL (versions 1.16 and later), HDF5 (versions 1.8.14 and later), and the most current version of O2scl is required in order to compile the code to generate and analyze EOS tables. You do not need to compile the code to use the EOS tables - they can be read by any application which reads HDF5 files.

You will need to manually edit the makefile to work with your system and then compile eos_nuclei in order to generate an EOS. The homogeneous matter EOS from Du et al. (2019) has a separate executable eos, which can also be compiled.

More documentation will be added as time permits.