A code for computing semi-infinite nuclear matter

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This user’s guide documents a code which computes semi-infinite nucleonic matter in 1-dimension in the Thomas-Fermi approximation. This documentation is generated based on commit

This code requires requires the installation of Boost, GSL (versions 1.16 and later), HDF5 (versions 1.8.14 and later), the most current version of O2scl .

The code appears to work marginally for Skyrme model NRAPR (see ref seminf_nr) and RMF model RAPR (see ref seminf_rel), but still needs quite a bit of work.

The surface tension (surface energy per unit area) is

\[\omega \equiv \int~dz \left[ \varepsilon(z) - \mu_n n_n(z) - \mu_p n_p(z) \right]\]

where \(\varepsilon(z)\) is the full energy density including the contributions from gradient terms and the neutron and proton chemical potentials are independent of \(z\). It is often useful to expand the surface tension in terms of the isospin asymmetry of the dense phase (the LHS)

\[\omega(\delta) = \omega_0 + \delta^2 \omega_{\delta}\]

This code was originally written for [Steiner05ia]