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From between Mon May 3 06:00:01 2021 and Mon May 10 06:00:01 2021.

Impact of PREX-II, the revised mass measurement of PSRJ0740+6620, and possible NICER observation on the dense matter equation of state
Bhaskar Biswas. May 6, 2021.
e-Print: arXiv:2105.02886 [astro-ph.HE] | PDF
Neutron Stars in Scalar-tensor Theories: Analytic Scalar Charges and Universal Relation
Kent Yagi, Michael Stepniczka (Virginia U.). May 4, 2021. 13 pp.
e-Print: arXiv:2105.01614 [gr-qc] | PDF
Effects of dark matter on the inspiral properties of the binary neutron star
H.C. Das, Ankit Kumar, S.K. Patra (Bhubaneswar, Inst. Phys. & HBNI, Mumbai). Apr 5, 2021. 10 pp.
e-Print: arXiv:2104.01815 [astro-ph.HE] | PDF
The I-Love-Q Relations for Superfluid Neutron Stars
Cheung-Hei Yeung, Lap-Ming Lin (Hong Kong, Chinese U.), Nils Andersson (Southampton U.), Greg Comer (Northeastern Illinois U.). Apr 23, 2021.
Published in Universe 7 (2021) 111
DOI: 10.3390/universe7040111
e-Print: arXiv:2105.00798 [astro-ph.HE] | PDF
Deep crustal heating for realistic compositions of thermonuclear ashes
Nikolay N. Shchechilin, Mikhail E. Gusakov, Andrey I. Chugunov (Ioffe Phys. Tech. Inst.). May 5, 2021. 8 pp.
e-Print: arXiv:2105.01991 [nucl-th] | PDF
Thermodynamical Description of Hot, Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars, Protoneutron Stars, and Neutron Star Merger Remnants
P.S. Koliogiannis, Ch. C. Moustakidis (Thessaloniki U.). 2021. 20 pp.
Published in Astrophys.J. 912 (2021) no.1, 69
DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/abe542
Isospin asymmetry in holographic baryonic matter
Nicolas Kovensky, Andreas Schmitt. May 7, 2021. 37 pp.
e-Print: arXiv:2105.03218 [hep-ph] | PDF
Necessity of selfconsistent calculations for the electromagnetic field in probing the nuclear symmetry energy using pion observables in heavy-ion collisions
Gao-Feng Wei, Chang Liu (Guizhou U.), Xin-Wei Cao (XAWL, Xi'an), Qi-Jun Zhi, Wen-Jun Xiao, Chao-Yun Long, Zheng-Wen Long (Guizhou U.). May 5, 2021. 7 pp.
e-Print: arXiv:2105.01866 [nucl-th] | PDF

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