Object-oriented Scientific Computing Library: v0.927

O₂scl is a C++ library for object-oriented scientific computing which has been in active development for over 15 years. This is a beta version. While some O₂scl classes are still state-of-the-art, others are more experimental. O₂scl continues to evolve as compilers and other libraries replace or improve on the some of methods which are used. Release versions should install and test successfully, and most of the classes are ready for production use. Some of the interfaces may change slightly in future versions. Additionally, O₂scl computes the thermodynamics of particles and nuclei, constructs equations of state of dense matter, and solves equations related to neutron star structure.

User’s Guide

Test sphinx references

Class reference: table or o2scl::table or table .

Function reference: o2scl::tensor_grid::set_grid() or tensor_grid::set_grid()