Library Settings


There are a couple library settings which are handled by a global object of type lib_settings_class (see below).

There are several data files that are used by various classes in the library. The installation procedure should ensure that these files are automatically found. However, if these data files are moved after installation, then a call to o2scl::lib_settings_class::set_data_dir() can adjust the library to use the new directory. It is assumed that the directory structure within the data directory has not changed.

If you have changed the directory structure of the O₂scl data files, then many of the I/O classes allow you to specify the full pathname of the file you wish to load.

Global settings object

lib_settings_class o2scl::o2scl_settings

The global library settings object.

This global object is used by classes to store the global constant database, the global unit conversion database, and the directory for and data files. It may also be used by the end-user to probe details of the installation.