Contact Information

Address and directions

Email: awsteiner at utk dot edu

Phone: 865-974-5379

Office: South College, Room 103
South College is a building right next to Nielsen Physics on the main UT campus. To avoid confusion, I also want to mention that South College is also the name of a local private college in the Knoxville area (which I have no affiliation with).

Mailing address:
1408 Circle Drive
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Knoxville, TN 37996-1200

The image below shows some of the buildings near my office. If you are staying at the "Four Points by Sheraton" hotel (at the top of the image), then to get to my office you can: (i) walk 12th street past the parking lot, (ii) walk across the bridge over Cumberland (colored red on the map), (iii) walk up the stairway between Middle Dr. and Circle drive just west of the Buehler building (a dotted line on the map), (iv) continue up Circle drive then proceed west between Ayers Hall and South College (red building at the bottom of the map), and finally (v) enter the west side of South College in order proceed to room 103. The UTK map for South College may also be helpful.


There is a visitor parking garage between K2 and K3 (see this map) which is a short walk away. There is also a small hut with a parking attendant (labeled "M&R" on circle park at J6) who may be able to give you a permit to park closer (e.g. the 11th. st parking garage at M3). Just temporarily parallel park at the hut and walk up to the window and explain where you want to park to the person inside.

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