Andrew W. Steiner

Theoretical nuclear astrophysics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Group Members

  • PI: Assoc. Prof. Andrew W. Steiner
  • Postdoc: Zidu Lin (Aug. 2020—)
  • Graduate students: Satyajit Roy (2019—), Mahmudul Hasan Anik (Aug. 2021—), and Amber Stinson (Aug. 2023—)
  • Undergraduate students: Josue Bautista (Jan. 2023—) and Gema P. Villegas (Jun. 2021—)
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Research in theoretical nuclear astrophysics

My research group studies how neutron star observations can be used to understand how neutrons and protons interact and how nuclear physics plays a role in astrophysical objects and processes. Recently, we have

  • determined how the equation of state and superfluid nature of dense matter is determined by neutron star observations,
  • showed how tidal deformabilities are modified by strong phase transitions,
  • and combined modern theoretical results on neutron matter and neutron star observations to make predictions for neutron star tidal deformabilities for LIGO.