Research Council Chair Blog

(Not everything is included here because this is a public-facing page.)

Oct 31

  • Third meeting, agenda:

    • Report from Chair (presentation)

      1. Commens from Stephen Collins-Elliott

      2. Subcommittee list with ADRs

      3. Subcommittee instructions

      4. Report on Chancellor’s awards

      5. Report on B&P meeting of 10/24

  • `Minutes ?`_

Oct 24

  • Meeting with B&P: Steiner, Latham, Kalas, Bilal, Schaeffer, Efremenko, attended.

Sep 28

  • Brian, Angel, and Megan sent updates to ORIED which addresses our previous concerns on the award application process

Sep 26

  • Second meeting, agenda:

    • Report from Chair (presentation)

      1. Report on meeting with Jean Mercer

      2. Subcommittee membership

      3. Chancellor’s awards discussion

      4. Reminder of B&P on 10/24

  • Minutes

Sep 25

  • Sent out agenda for second meeting

Sep 23

  • Paula sent out minutes for approval

Sep 21

  • Met with Jean Mercer regarding DRA deadline policy

Sep 15

Sep 14

  • Sent out email regarding joint meeting with B&P and Deb Crawford on the 24th

Sep 12

  • Paula sent Chancellor’s Awards information

Sep 7-14

Links regarding deadline changes:

Sep 7

  • First meeting, agenda

    • Report from Chair (presentation)

      1. Media Releases of Research Successes

      2. Proposal Deadline Policy

      3. Restructuring of CAS

      4. Subcommittees

      5. Joint meeting with Budget and Planning?

    • Discussion of subcommittees

  • Minutes

Aug 29-30

Meetings with Brian Long and Deb Crawford.

Notes from meeting with Deb:

  • Tisha Benton does communication and marketing for research and will coordinate social media

  • ORIED will fund a junior person for internal communication

  • We talked about a future presentation on the ins and outs of funding:

    • Programmatic budget

    • Operational budget

    • (This won’t include, e.g. ORII, because that is separate)

  • ADRs are the gatekeepers for the exceptions to OSP deadline policy

  • Deb wants to keep all members of the RC engaged

  • Deb likes helping faculty organize into groups to come to ORIED

Aug 29

Restructuring links:

Aug 19

Sent out zoom invites for fall dates.

Aug 15

Emailed Paula to send out zoom invites for RC meetings.

Aug 16

Set schedule, all dates 3:30pm-5pm

  • Sep 7 (W)

  • Sep 26 (M)

  • Oct 31 (M)

  • Dec 5 (M; if needed)

  • Jan 23 (M)

  • Feb 27 (W)

  • Mar 22 (W)

  • Apr 24 (M)

July 28

Fixed some membership issues with Loretta.

July 27

Polled for meeting schedule.

July 20

Searched for designee for Graduate Council. Sean Schaffer volunteered.